Broadcast Boot Camp Radio is a social emotional, interactive, educational program to expose youths to the basics of radio show and podcast production to communicate their causes, needs and experience.

This program is a social impact project to help keep youths off the street, build self-esteem and confidence along with the introduction to new skills and opportunities they can carry with them throughout life.

Broadcast Boot Camp Radio helps enhance life skills such as verbal communication,
story telling and self-expression.

At the end of the program, participants will display their skills by collaborating to produce a radio show podcast available for download to share with friends and family.
These shows are also placed in regular rotation on the on-line radio station
Radio Free Detroit and its affiliates.

Students are introduced to skills including:

* Breathing
* Articulation
* Storytelling
* Pronunciation
* Basic audio editing
* Microphone Placement
* PSA Reading and Writing
* Interview Techniques and Skills
* Music Selection and Programming
* Reading and Development of a Radio Show Clock

Broadcast Boot Camp Radio partners with organizations such as:

* Schools
* Libraries
* Summer Camps
* Rec & Ed Programs
* Community Centers
* Youth Organizations
* Church Organizations
* Afterschool Programs

For more information on Broadcast Boot Camp Radio please call 877-286-6066 or email us at





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